Great Treasure of Indian English Literature for You Now

So, some tips on how to read correctly. It will not be about the technique of reading. Correctly in this case it is with the maximum benefit from the read. Naturally, in the first place, these councils concern reading non-fiction books – books on self-development, by profession, educational and scientific literature, etc.

That is, from the reading of which it is supposed to be some very concrete benefit: knowledge, skillsand competences. However, these “rules” can be successfully applied to literary art. After all, fiction, especially classical literature, is designed not so much to entertain the reader as to give him some new experience. That’s the most this experience to get and help our advice. In the Indian English literature this happens a very important matter. Surely this is an essential support for you now.

  1. Read regularly

Get yourself a rule to devote to reading at least an hour a day and do not give up on this rule for anything. If in your daily routine it is impossible to cut such a time interval entirely – break this time into two 30-minute segments, or even three 20-minute segments. Taking the time to read before going to bed is not a good idea in terms of productivity. For a day your brain gets tired and saturated with information, it will be difficult, especially if you are not reading fiction.

  1. Read with a notebook at hand

The ability to write down the right thoughts from the book, or your own thoughts arising from the reading, significantly increases the effectiveness of reading. By these records, you can then easily recall the key moments of the book in memory, you can use them when the book is not at hand. Even simply writing out quotes from an art book is of great benefit. Some advice even to compose in this way the “skeleton” or “abstract” of the book, but these are details.

  1. Read Thoughtfully

‚ÄúReading correctly ” does not mean “read fast”, rather the opposite. Never run after the speed of reading. The benefit of books “is determined not by the quantity read, but by the amount of the witness.” It is better to re-read a complex or controversial passage than to slip through without understanding anything. Do not be lazy to learn the meaning of unfamiliar words and terms (good, now it’s very simple). Pay attention to the context.

  1. Always look for books

It would seem what to look for them – there are so many of them. But most of these books are useless for you, it’s just rubbish. In order not to clog your head with rubbish, you must take a responsible approach to choosing literature for reading. Be sure to get yourself a “read” list. Follow the news in the area you are interested in, read reviews of other people. Define the next book in advance. In a word – plan the process of reading.

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